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Walāʾ (Allegiance) and Barāʾ (Disallegiance) for the Uṣūl

  Amjad Rafīq

An introductory ʿAqīdah lesson on al-Wʿaláʾ wa-al-Barāʾ الولاء والبرااء (Allegiance and Disallegiance), discussing what Allāh and His Messenger (ṣallallāhu ʿalayhi wa-sallam) love (الحب) and are pleased with, and that which Allāh and his Messenger (ṣalllAllāhu ʿalayhi wa-sallam) hate (البغض) and are displeased with. Loving and hating for the sake of Allāh being from the strongest handholds of Islām and deficiency in this is from the signs of weak īmān.

Listen/Download | 66 mins.



From the points discussed:

  • الحب و البغض Love and Hate for the sake of Allāh is from the most important of the affairs of the religion
  • الولاء والبرااء Allegiance and Disallegiance is from the greatest handholds of Islām
  • A person should love another for the sake of Allāh
  • The traits towards tasting the sweetness of īmān
  • A person may not taste this sweetness until he implements الولاء والبرااء Allegiance and Disallegiance
  • What is the definition of الولاء والبرااء Allegiance and Disallegiance?
  • Inappropriate definition of Allegiance and Disallegiance can lead to extremism and terrorism

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