The True Islamic Stance towards the 9/11 US Attacks

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  Shaykh Ṣāliḥ ibn Saʿd al-Ṣuḥaymī

Pivotal questions answered on the event commonly known as 9/11. A clarification of the true Islamic stance on the affair.

Shaykh Ṣāliḥ al-Ṣuḥaymī is one of the Scholars of al-Madīnah of whom Imām Ibn Bāz once called a person of ‘uprightness, knowledge and sound ʿaqīdah.’  The Shaykh speaks on the  ruling in Islām in regards to the happenings on Sept. 11th. He states ‘This is not permissible in the dīn of Islām’ and ‘This is something that wasn’t done by the Salaf’. He goes on to say ‘This is a form of oppression on Muslims and non-Muslims’.

The Shaykh requested that the Muslims in N. America make clear that these actions are not from Islām by saying, ‘Muslims in America should make clear the Islamic position on these actions and incur the people not to blindly follow the opinions of the Media’.

Q&A follows the admonition including questions about the Ṭālibaan. From the answers the Shaykh mentioned ‘some people wish to do good for Islām but because they have errors in ʿAqīdah they do more harm’. The Shaykh mentioned that this issue is not clear; some of the names of the bombers mentioned by the media are names of dead people. The Shaykh also mentioned that if A Muslim did this, he is not a Kāfir but he is a sinner and one with deficiency in Īmān.

Regarding those who are overjoyed with the Sept. 11th attack, the Shaykh said: ‘did you check with the Scholars before you rejoiced at these attacks, Fear Allāh and don’t follow your emotions, do not give a bad impression of Islām’. The Shaykh mentioned ‘Do not sit with those people.’ | digital daʿwah

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