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Where Is the Taqwá?

  Abū ʿUways ʿAbdullāh Aḥmad ʿAlī

A lecture recorded on cassette from around the year 2000. An admonition from ʿAbdullāh Aḥmad (raḥimahullāh) about the virtues of taqwá.

  • No one is exempted from fearing Allāh

  • Allāh tells us to fear Him in many ayaat in the Qurʾān

  • Allāh only accepts deeds from those who fear Him

  • The meaning of al-Taqwá́ is having a barrier (wiqāyah) between you and the punishment of Allāh and staying away from that which He prohibited

In the past the people asked a man from the Salaf, “Described to us al-Taqwá, tell us what al-Taqwá means.” He said, “It is to act upon the obedience of Allāh, tabaaraka wa Taʿālá. And you hope for the mercy of Allāh, tabaaraka wa Taʿālá, upon the light the guidance of Allāh tabaaraka wa Taʿālá, and staying away from sins.” 

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