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Have You Prepared for the Meeting with Your Lord?

  ʿAbdu-Ilāh Laḥmāmī

As part of the seminar, Knowledge: Its Path, Its Etiquettes and Its Importance at TROID, Aug. 2017, our respected teacher and elder, Ustādh ʿAbdu-Ilāh Laḥmāmī delivers a thought provoking lecture regarding the transient nature of this world and the importance of preparing for the journey towards the hereafter. He also emphasises the importance of seeking knowledge and learning the correct creed and especially sitting and sticking with Ahl al-ʿIlm; those from the known and esteemed scholars.

RT @hikmahpubs: The scholar of Hadīth, Sh Muhammad Adam requested: “Supplicate to Allāh that He cures me, so I can complete this book (i…

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