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The Evils of Harry Potter and the Kufr of Magic

  Abu al-ʿAbbās Mūsá Richardson

An important lecture on the topic of magic, more specifically how it has found its way into Muslim homes by way of books, video games and other media, usually under the guise of fiction and educational benefit. The evil characteristics of magic are outlined with examples from the Qurʾān and the Sunnah in addition to an analysis of the Harry Potter phenomena (a magic-laden fictional trilogy) which has grasped the attention span of children around the world with remarkable ability.

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From the topics discussed:

  • Protecting ones' self and one’s family from the shayṭān
  • The responsibility of guardianship/parenthood
  • The verdicts on magic according to the Qurʿān and Sunnah
  • The types of magic (illusionary and afflictive)
  • Black magic, white Magic – good and bad magic?
  • Harry Potter; his character, companions, teachers, passions and goals
  • Examples of the magic contained in the Harry Potter books
  • Divination – predicting the future
  • The position of the sharīʿah concerning fiction

What Prompted this Lecture? We strongly encourage the Muslims to propagate this lecture, as the subtle and not so subtle magic that opposes our dīn and corrupts our communities is often overlooked due to its fictional classification. In addition, it shows the importance of guardianship, being concerned with our children’s time, their books, games etc. Finally, it exposes the evil contained in the Potter series. This lecture was prompted by the fascination of young Muslims in the community with Harry Potter, loving him, admiring him and wanting to be like him – all under the eyes of their parents, unaware or uninterested in what our beloved Muslim children are reading and watching.

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