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Seminar: The Truth is not Known by Men, Men are Known by the Truth


Major Seminar: The Truth is Not Known by Men, Men are Know by the Truth!! 

Dates: Friday April 6th and Saturday April 7th (Toronto), Sunday April 8th (London)
Abū Ḥakīm, Abū Khadījah, Abū Iyāḍ (Salafī Publications, UK)
To Be Announced

Seminar Themes:

  • Holding onto Hot Coals, Ahl al-Sunnah in Times of Fitnah
  • Unity Upon the Ḥaqq, Not Unity Upon Party-Spirit
  • Ahl al-Sunnah Do not Fight Ahl al-Sunnah
  • Uncovering the Ideological Attack Against Salafīyyah in Our Time!
  • and more...in shāʾ Allāh



Friday April 6th (Masjid al-Furqān [TROID], Toronto, Ontario)

1330: Jumuʿah Khuṭbah [Abū Khadījah]
1415: Telelink: Shaykh Muḥammad Ibn Ramzān al-Hājirī *confirmed* [trans. Abū Ḥakīm]
1730: Ṣalātul-'ʿAṣr
1740: Uncovering the Ideological Attack on Salafīyyah in Our Time part 1 [Abū Iyāḍ]
WizIQ: http://www.wiziq.com/online-class/804694-uncovering-the-ideological-attack-on-salafīyyah-in-our-time-part-1
1953: Ṣalātul-Maghrib
2015: Salafī by Association? [Abū Khadījah]
WizIQ: http://www.wiziq.com/online-class/804704-Salafī-by-association
2120: Ṣalātul-'ʿIshāʾa'

Saturday April 7th (Masjid al-Furqān [TROID], Toronto, Ontario)

1100: Telelink: The Noble Scholar, Shaykh ʿʿUbayd Ibn ʿAbdullāh al-Jābirī *pending* [Abū Khadījah]
1300: Advice to the Sisters (Short advice/sisters only) [Abū Khadījah]
1330: Ṣalātudh-Dhuhr
1340: Sisters Luncheon (free food!!) and TROIDStore Exclusive Access (10% off everything) - SISTERS ONLY
1600: Holding onto Hot Coals in Times of Fitnah, Examples in Our Time [Abū Ḥakīm]
WizIQ: http://www.wiziq.com/online-class/804707-holding-onto-hot-coals-in-times-of-fitnah-examples-in-our-time
1730: Ṣalātul-'ʿAṣr
1740: Uncovering the Ideological Attack on Salafīyyah in Our Time Part 2 [Abū Iyāḍ]
WizIQ: http://www.wiziq.com/online-class/804698-uncovering-the-ideological-attack-on-salafīyyah-in-our-time-part-2
1953: Ṣalātul-Maghrib
2015: How to Distinguish Salafīyyah Amongst the Many Calls to Ḥizbiyyah [Abū Khadījah]
WizIQ: http://www.wiziq.com/online-class/804712-how-to-distinguish-salafīyyah-amongst-the-many-calls-to-ḥizbiyyah
2120: Ṣalātul-'ʿIshāʾa'
2130: Closing Remarks, Panel Q&A [Abū Khadījah, Abū Ḥakīm, Abū Iyāḍ]
WizIQ: http://www.wiziq.com/online-class/804715-closing-remarks-panel-q-a

Sunday April 8th (London, Ontario - Sheraton Four Points Hotel)


1600: The Meaning and Importance of Understanding and Implementing Tawḥīd [Abū Ḥakīm]
WizIQ: http://www.wiziq.com/online-class/804720-the-meaning-and-importance-of-understanding-and-implementing-tawḥīd
1740: The Real Solution to the Disunity in the Arab World [Abū Iyāḍ]
WizIQ: http://www.wiziq.com/online-class/804722-the-real-solution-to-the-disunity-in-the-arab-world
2015: Islām is the Sunnah and the Sunnah is Islām! Cultural Traḍītion or Islamic Life? [Abū Khadījah]
WizIQ: http://www.wiziq.com/online-class/804725-islam-is-the-sunnah-and-the-sunnah-is-islam
2130: Conclusion and Panel Q&A [Abū Ḥakīm, Abū Iyāḍ, Abū Khadeehah]
WizIQ: http://www.wiziq.com/online-class/804726-advice-to-the-muslims-in-london-ontario-and-panel-q-a



Lectures will be broadcast online in shāʾ Allāh: go to www.wiziq.com/islam

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