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Seminar: The Rights of the Spouses

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Seminar: The Rights of the Spouses

Family matters! So join us in Toronto or online for a weekend of emphasis on the Muslim family as we focus on the relationship between husband and wife, marital bliss versus marital discord,  the most important companion on the journey of life.

Confirmed Telelinks:

Shaykh Fu'aad al-Amree
Shaykh ʿAbd al Qādir al-Junayd

Confirmed Speakers:

Rasheed Barbee
Sulayman al-Haiyiti

Date: Fri. Sept. 27th - Sun. Sept. 29th, 2013

Location: Masjid al-Furqān (TROID) 874-A Weston Rd. Toronto, ON. M6N 3R6

More details to follow in shāʾ Allāh....



Friday Sept. 27th
1330 Khuṭbah (Rasheed Barbee) 
1530 Telelink: The Rights of the Wife (Shaykh Fu'aad al-Amree) 
1930 The Rights of the Husband (Rasheed Barbee)

Saturday Sept. 28th

1400 Marriage topic TBA (Rasheed Barbee)
1400 Telelink (Shaykh ʿAbd al Qādir al-Junayd) 
1700 Nushooz (Discord) between the Spouses 2/3 (Sulaymān al-Haiyiti) 
1930 The Rights of the Wife 1/2 (Rasheed Barbee) 
2045 Q&A Session 

Sunday Sept. 29th
1400 The Rights of the Wife 2/2 (Rasheed Barbee)

All lectures to be broadcast online at radio.troid.ca (or download TuneIn app for smartphones and tablets - search TROID)

International Travellers:

For best hotel rates, try www.priceline.com or www.travelocity.com and look for hotels in the following regions:

Toronto Airport East
Toronto West
North York

You should be able to locate hotels (2 or 3 star) this way for under $50 a night.

For up to date details follow us on twitter: www.twitter.com/troidca

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