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11 years 4 months ago #234 by moosaa.richardson
Practice Test - Try the Online Testing Software was created by moosaa.richardson
Registered students (both local and online):

As-Salaamu 'alaykum.

Try the online testing software here:


We hope you find it easy and helpful. It is the same system we used last year, which was a very popular feature of the courses. I do not recall anyone encountering any difficulties using the testing software last year, wal-hamdulillaah.

The following walk-through will help you through your first practice test if you are not familiar with how to use it:

Step 1: Sign in with the username and password assigned to you in the welcome email you received.

Step 2: You should now see the following:

available tests:
Welcome2008-TryMe [info] [execute]
Welcome2008-TryMe2 [info] [execute]
Welcome2008-TryMe3 [info] [execute]

These are three sample quizzes that you may take whenever you like. Feel free to take one or more of them to get used to the testing software. Click [info] to get some basic information about the quiz, and then [execute] to begin.

Step 3: Now you should be at the "Test Execution" screen. Simply choose the correct answer by clicking on the circle next to it. After choosing your answer, click the "NEXT>" button.

Step 4: Repeat step #3 for each question. When you have answered the last question, scroll to the bottom of the screen, type in a comment for us if you like, and click "terminate the exam".

Step 5: You should now see a message that says:

ATTENTION: confirm test termination

Click "terminate" and your quiz will end and you will automatically be logged out.

Step 6: Log in again and check your score by clicking "result" next to the quiz you just took.

You may take this practice quiz up to three times.
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