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Who is Shaykh Zayd al-Madkhalī? was created by troid.org admin

Shaikh Aḥmad An-Najmee was asked: ýO Shaikh! What do you say about one who says: ýI donýt recognize Shaikh Zayd Al-Madkhalī or Shaikh Rabeeý Al-Madkhalī. I donýt recognize them to be from the scholars and I wonýt take any knowledge from them. I donýt acknowledge anyone except Shaikh ýAbdul-ýAzīz bin Bāz.ý So how would you respond to this?ý

The Shaikh answered: ýWe ask Allaah to guide this person and to grant him direction, for indeed, Shaikh Rabeeý Al-Madkhalī and Shaikh Zayd Al-Madkhalī ý both of them are from the sincere Salafī scholars. He must acknowledge and be aware of this. And he must not disparage them, because disparaging them means disparaging the Sunnah of Allaahýs Messenger, which they are carrying. We are not saying that they are free from error. However, their methodology is Salafī. So the students of knowledge must read their books and get to know the truth that is in themýý [3]

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