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How Can I Print TROID Pamphlets for my Community? was created by admin

al-ḥamdulillāh, we have been able to undertake a two-year process to regenerate all our pamphlets professionally. This effort is aimed at creating an aesthetic professional design that is appealing for all. We understand that there is a lot of demand to reproduce the pamphlets and in the past, this has created problems. In some cases, organisations have reprinted the flyers and removed referencing to or In some cases, the flyer has been edited, with key portions omitted and other writings inserted. In order to prevent the aforementioned but without preventing other organisations, centres and individuals from distributing the pamphlets in their locality, we have devised a system to allow others to use the flyers, however, we wish to prevent modification of the document.

What Can Be Done:

1. You can print the pamphlet but only through our Designer/Printer
2. You can have your basic organisation details added (note: may not be room for logos)

What Cannot Be Done:

1. You cannot have the master print files
2. You cannot modify document content and logos (i.e from | etc.)
3. You may not grant other organisations access to print it (must be directed to us).

I want to print the flyers, how do I proceed?

Email us info - @ - to learn how you can get these pamphlets in your community with:

a) your org. name/masjid/email/phone/twitter etc. [or your background info, if you are unaffiliated] for the flyer
b) how many flyers you would like to print (usually 5000 is min print run)
c) we will then put you in contact with our designer to finalise the pamphlets
d) paypal $100 to info @ to aid in the printing of new flyers

We are requesting a 'one-time' contribution of $100 per flyer towards the flyer project (we have 20 in total to produce over 2 years). This amount is to help continue to fund the production, artwork and other associated costs of developing the flyers. This amount is not repeated with each subsequent reprint of a given individual flyer, it is one-time only (i.e no need to repeat each time you need more). There are also secondary costs at the design level which our designer will discuss with you + the actual cost for the flyer printing itself.
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