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6 years 2 months ago #2397 by ummnayfah
Muslim Inmate Assistance Programme was created by ummnayfah
Assalmau ALaikum w Ramahtula W Baraktuh
I have been working with the sisters inside Dayton Correctional Facility since june 2013. Along with cair cincinnati fought against the system and regained the rights of the sisters inside. As of weeks previous the anti muslim chaplain is no longer an employee. Now working with a woman Deputy Warden, we have regained our position inside, and will resume classes. We pray to bring the best ramadan these ppl have ever seen. They know now muslims are one ummah no matter our circumstance. Alhamdulilah

With that said, the sisters at Dayton Correctional Facility are in need of food item donations during the month of Ramaḍān.

I must reach out and ask if your organization is able to send money or food???? Please let me know. Items needed are: Meat, Rice, Potatoes, Side items, Dates, Juice, etc. I am also asking for a volunteer to give kutbah one hour on eid insha ALLAH. Here is a link insha ALLAH you know someone that would like to help in the funding of such cause insha ALLAH.


jazak ALLAH kheir,

Ameena Shehab

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