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Saudi Arabia Umrah Visa Application/Requirements was created by admin
All travellers (each person) must complete the attached application form (editable form [type in it and print]:

File Attachment:

File Name: umrahapplication.pdf
File Size:1,825 KB

Also, the following requirements must be met:

Travellers, with your payment you will need to prepare the following for the travel agent

Umrah Requirements:

- A passport that's valid for at least 6 months with 2 blank pages for each traveler.(Original & copy)

- A completed and signed visa application.(Original & copy)

- 2 passport size photographs for each traveller. Stamped and should be recently taken (less than 3 months).

- A stamped Immunization Card showing vaccination against Meningitis (one dose of ACYW135 vaccine) for adults. Meningitis and POLIO record for children under 15 years old. Two doses of (A) vaccine (1 to 2 months between each dose for children ages 3-24 months)...(Clear Copy Only)

- Ladies and children need proper proof of relationship (marriage certificate for married couples, long birth certificates for children indicating names of both parents)...(Clear Copy Only)

- For any Non-Muslim names, please provide proof of Religion [unless you have an umrah or hajj visa already present in your active passport]...(Clear Copy Only)

- For Non-Canadian Citizens, please provide copy of Valid PR card (both sides – front and back)

- Any original documents must be accompanied by their photocopies

Note: we do not accept any woman travelling without a male mahram.

UMRAH INFO HOTLINE: Br. Yusuf 1.647.882.2372

- Please leave a detailed message with your name/number

TRAVEL AGENT BOOKING HOTLINE: Br. Khalid 1.877.284.8642
- all package arrangements, booking, payment etc. is handled by the travel agent, QUOTE GROUP CODE: TROID
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