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Masjid al-Furqān & Islamic Centre

Established in Jan '04 - By the grace of Allāh, the majestic, the 5000 sq. ft. facility was established and has paved the way for the first Salafī centre in Toronto as well as all classes, seminars, services and events connected to all projects.

The Launch of Masjid al-Furqān & Islamic Centre

In 2004, the daʿwah centre continued to grow in its activities. By the Grace of Allāh, a new facility was opened which is more than thirty times the size of the previous location and will enable ahl al-sunnah to host the sʿaláwat, khutbatul-jumu’ah, durūs, tele-links and various other events, free from tribulation, wal-hamdulilāh. During the last four years (2004-2007), the establishment of a masjid upon the manhaj of the salaf has been a tremendous benefit to the local and regional community. It has allowed the pure daʿwah of ahl al-sunnah wal-jamaʿāh to be propogated without hinderence, from the highlights during this period are

a) Islamic Seminars (Approx. 2-3 a year, the most prominent of them being 'The Khawārij, A Legacy of Evil & The Hallmarks of Ahl al-Sunnah (Anti-Terrorism conf.) 2006, The Path to Paradise (with the mashaayikh from Yemen) 2006, and the Islamic Summer Course (six week course)  2007

b) Regular Classes for Children and Adults

c) Islaam.ca (2006) - A dedicated site introducing Islām to the non-Muslim reader

d) The Establishment of Khutbatul-Jumuʿah

e) The Establishment of the 'Eedayn

In general, the ability to convey the moderate and balanced daʿwah of ahl al-sunnah, the manhaj of the salaf without harm has opened up the doors to much khayr and has served as a stablising point for the community after much hardship, as Allāh said,

So verily, with the hardship, there is relief. (al-Sharḥ 94:5)

Truly this is a great success, a blessing from Allāh and a testament to the hard work of the local and international community. We thank Allāh, the giver of Mercy for this great blessing, we thank our noble brothers and sisters for their duʿāʾʾʾ and their support and we ask Allāh to plant our feet firm upon this noble Salafī manhaj, ever-loving to please and obey Allāh, clinging firmly to the kibaarul-ʿulamāʾ - the inheritors of the Prophets, always hating innovation and it's callers, and we ask Allāh to keep our hearts pure, loving unity, hating division and always putting forth the best intentions, wal-hamdulillāhir-rabbil-'Ālimeen.  

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