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Focus on the Youth: The Importance of al-Istiqāmah

  Abū Khadījah ʿAbd al-Wāḥid

A beautiful lecture concerning the importance of the tasfīyah (purification) and tarbīyyah (education) of our youth, the many difficulties they face today, and raising our children not only upon keeping them away from the various types of shubuḥāt (doubts) and shaḥawāt (desires), but rather alongside this, cultivating and educating them and building upon this with beneficial knowledge in order to protect them from going astray.

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From the most important affairs that every single Muslim should be upon is the affair of al-istiqāmah (being steadfast upon the religion). This religion is something which can easily slip away if one does not cling to the obligations, and failure to do so results in opening the door to the whispers of the Shayṭān. Since this is a focus upon the youth and their entering into adulthood, then no doubt this is from the most important affairs for them also. There should be no doubt that Allāh (subḥānahū wa taʿālá) has created us to worship Him alone, and that the Shayṭān will seek to cause us to go astray by calling to us to follow our whims and desires, so it is incumbent upon us to worship Allāh upon steadfastness and istiqāmah as Allāh has commanded. This path is littered with difficulties and hardship and Allāh will put the people to trial in order to test those who are truthful and those who are hypocrites. Thus, it lies upon the shoulders of the parents to ensure that they raise their children with full knowledge of the significant importance of equipping them with the tool of knowledge in order that they may be safe from falling into the shubuhāt and the shahāwāt.


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