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Fiqh Course: A Guide to Fasting

  Abū al-ʿAbbās Mūsá Richardson

From the 2008 TROID Summer Courses, 12 lectures focused on The Book of Fasting from Sunan Abī Dāwūd and Imām Ibn Bāz's Rulings on Fasting (Majmūʿ al-Fatāwī)


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MR23.1 The Book of Fasting (Sunan Abī Dāwūd) and Majmūʿ al-Fatāwī of Ibn Bāz (chapters of fasting: Fiqh Course Introduction, How Fasting Became Obligatory)      
Class 01 Listen/Download 65 Min Download Transcript ----------
MR23.2 When a Month is 29 Days, the Day of Shak (Doubt), the reward of 29 or 30 days in Ramaḍān, Global Moon Sightings vs. Local Moon Sightings, The Beginning of the Fasting Day, The Issues of Ṣuhūr      
Class 02 Listen/Download 68 Min   ----------
MR23.3 The Time of Breaking the Fast and its Various Issues      
Class 03 Listen/Download 50 Min   ----------
MR23.4 Backbiting whilst Fasting, Using the Miswāk, The Ruling on Toothpaste, Dental Work, Eye-Drops, Ear-Drops and Nose-Drops      
Class 04 Listen/Download 45 Min   ----------
MR23.5 The Fasting Person having an Emission (wet-dream), Ḥijāmah (Cupping) whilst Fasting, Using Kuhl, Vomiting Intentionally, Eating/Drinking Forgetfully, Inhaling Water during Wuḍūʾ      
Class 05 Listen/Download 45 Min   ----------
MR23.6 A Woman Experiencing a Wet-Dream in Ramaḍān, Kissing One's Spouse (Intimately) whilst Fasting, The Disliked Nature of this for a Young Man, The ruling on Madhī (pre- ejaculatory fluid) for the Male/Female, Does being in Janābah (a state of impurity) prevent the Beginning of a Fast? The Expiation of a man who had Intercourse with His Wife in Ramaḍān, Masturbation during Ramadān? Intercourse with a Wife who is Fasting (for the non-fasting man)?      
Class 06 Listen/Download 53 Min   ----------
MR23.7 The Position of the Imāms of the Salaf Concerning Making up a Fast, Food left Behind in Ones Teeth after Beginning the Fast, Those who are Exempt from Fasting, Fasting for the Pregnant or Breast-Feeding Woman, Brushing Ones Teeth after Beginning the Fast, Those who are Except from Fasting      
Class 07 Listen/Download 65 Min   ----------
MR23.8 The Rulings Concerning Fasting Whilst Travelling: What is considered Travelling? When does one become a Traveller? When Does One Break Ones Fast for Such a Reason? Concerning the Comfort of Modern Day Transportation (i.e. Aeroplanes)? Can we break our fasts due to an Exam?      
Class 08 Listen/Download 77 Min   ----------
MR23.9 The Menstruating/Post-Natal Bleeding Woman and the Rulings Concerning Fasting, Days were Fasting is Prohibited: The Two ʿEīds, The Days of Tashrīk, Fasting on Friday/Saturday      
Class 09 Listen/Download 38 Min   ----------
MR23.10 The Days Where Fasting is Prohibited cont. The Recommendation of Fasting the Six Days of Shawwāl      
Class 10 Listen/Download 60 Min   ----------
MR23.11 Fasting on Mondays and Thursdays, Fasting During the Ten Days of Dhū al-Hijjah, Fasting on the Day of  ʿArafāt (whilst on Ḥajj)      
Class 11 Listen/Download 43 Min   ----------
MR23.12 A Woman Fasting without the Permission of Her Husband, A Fasting Person Being Invited to a Walīmah (and the Conditions of Accepting Wedding Invitations)      
Class 12 Listen/Download 38 Min   ----------

From the set of Islamic Courses aimed at educating the Muslims about core aspects of their religion, conducted June 30th-July 24th, 2008 at TROID, Toronto, Canada. Mūsá Richardson was an American Post-Graduate Student from Umm al-Qurá University in Makkah, Saudi al-ʿArabīa. His works are available in-print with TROID Publications and online at www.bakkah.net


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