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أهلاً وسهلاً

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  • Understanding Your Shahādah

    Exp. by Shaykh Muḥammad Amān al-Jāmī

    Seven Essential Elements of Our Testimony of Faith - Knowledge, Conviction, Sincerity, Truthfulness, Love, Submission, Acceptance.

  • The Creed of the Four Imāms

    Dr. ʿAbd al-Raḥmān al-Khumayyis

    The third print of TROID Publications first book. The Creed of the Four Imāms studies and compares the statements of these four renowned Imāms as it relates to the Islamic creed.

  • The Deviation of the Youth

    Dr. Sulaymān al-Ruhaylī

    The Deviation of the Youth - Its Causes and a Means to Remedy It is a short book discussing the vices that drag the youth astray and how we can prevent this misguidance from occurring.

TROIDStore Rep. in T&T (May 15-21, 2009)

al-hamdulilāh, there will be a TROIDStore booth (in shāʾ Allāh) at the upcoming 'State of the Ummah Seminar' in Trinidad & Tobago (May 15-16 Tobago, May 17-21 Trinidad).  If you live or will be in Trinidad or Tobago, you can make a pre-order from TROIDStore and avoid all shipping/taxes (a great opportunity).  There will also be a small selection of items available (books, CDs, clothing) in general, pre-ordering via our website will allow you to get exactly what you want without added expenses (payment can be made in TT dollars)

Trinidad & Tobago Pre-Order Options (TROIDStore)

Instructions for pre-order:

1. Go to www.troid.ca/store - place your order as normal (selecting items then checking out), upon checkout, select 'phone order' as the payment method and in the 'notes section' put 'to be collected in Trinidad or Tobago.' Ignore the shipping costs, they will be deducted from the sale. Alternatively, you may call or email us for more information.  (*Deadline: Friday, May 8th, 2009).

2. Your pre-ordered items will be available during the lecture series (important: make sure your mobile phone number is on the order).

Again, a  limited range of items will be available (in shāʾ Allāh), however, to guarantee your selection, please complete the pre-order process. Upon arrival in Trinidad & Tobago, a TROIDStore rep. will contact you with your total (in TT dollars) and your options for collection at one of the event venues. 

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