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From the Beliefs of the 'Nation of Islam'

  Abū al-ʿAbbās Mūsá Richardson

A brief overview of the creed of the 'Nation of Islām' (based on their own declarations), an African American movement that ascribes itself to Islām.

Looking at the beliefs published by the Nation of Islām in their publication (The Final Call), the speaker compares their open statements with that of the pure Islamic creed. 

Extracted from class 7 of 12 from the ʿAqīdah Course of the 2007 Summer Islamic Courses in Toronto, Canada.

Note: This audio has been updated with important corrections, also mentioned here in the Benefit: The Nation of Islām (NOI) are Kuffar, Their Origin is Kufr and We Make Takfīr of Them

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