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Q&A Session: Be in This World as a Stranger

  Abū Ḥakīm Bilāl Davis, Abū Ḥafsah Kāshiff Khān

The Q&A session from the seminar: Be in This World as a Stranger.

Listen/Download | 42 mins.


[Q1]: This conference was themed around understanding Zuhd, raqāʾiq and other inspiring introspective topics that bring one nearer to Allāh. However, in our community, sometimes we hear the chant: Manhaj, Manhaj, Manhaj, all you people talk about is Manhaj. Is this a valid claim, should communities be less focused on the affair of Manhaj? What have our scholars said about this matter?

[Q2]: What is a scholar? We noticed with the fitnah of Yemen/Dammāj, one of their tactics was to falsely raise the level of their callers quickly to scholars. Now, you find people referring to students of knowledge from around the world as scholars or even major scholars, this causes people to blindly follow their speech or even set out to sit with this “scholar” who is not trulyly of this level at all. So how do we understand what a scholar is and what do you say to those youth who study one or two years and raise their teacher to level of a scholar simply to raise their own profile?

[Q3]: In recent years, across the English speaking world, there has been a trend in women creating sister-centric organisations for the purpose of daʿwah. In this regard, they will create blogs, organise lessons with students of knowledge, request donations and generally speaking, create a banner organisation under which the women in the community and internationally by way of social media, caretake aspects of the daʿwah locally. Considering that leadership in daʿwah necessitates insight into intricate affairs and close relations with the scholars, visiting them and taking their directive, what have any of the Scholars said about this affair. Should sisters do this or should they unite with their local salafi centre?

[Q4]: How does one deal with groups like Jamāʾat al-Tablīgh?

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