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The Importance of Clinging Together upon This Religion

  Shaykh Ḥasan ibn ʿAbd al-Wahhāb al-Banná́

A link with the noble shaykh (2016/03/25) discussing basic issues of manhaj; clinging to the haqq and the jamāʿah.

Listen/Download | 36 mins.



From the points discussed: 

  • The importance of practising and maintaining Islām
  • Clinging to the rope of Allāh
  • Do not be split and disunited
  • The call to Islām needs to be devoid of splitting and differing
  • The Believers must cooperate with each other
  • Splitting is evil, uniting is goodness
  • Most of the Muslims today are divided
  • Goodness is in cooperation
  • The lone sheep is devoured by the wolf
  • The basis of clinging to the religion is adhering to tawḥīd
  • The patience of Nūh in calling to tawḥid, like all of the prophets
  • O Salafīs, stick to the scholars, be strong upon the religion, be united, do not be separated, cooperate together, do not be isolated, when you do this, you will see the good results that get out of it
  • These are the means of rectifying the Ummah

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