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Splitting and Differing

So Allāh – the Most High – ordered all of the Believers to cling to the Rope of Allāh collectively, and not to split-up. And clinging to this Rope of Allāh has been explained as meaning: Clinging to the Book of Allāh, to His Religion, to Islām, to ikhlās (purity of belief and actions to Allāh), to His Commands, to His Covenant, to His obedience and also to the Jamāʿah. Shaykh al-Islām Ibn Taymīyyah (d.728H) raḥimahullāh Allāh – the Most High – said: “O you who believe!  Have taqwá (fear and obedience) of Allāh as you should do, and do not die except that you are Muslims.  And...

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