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An Example of Shaykh Ibn al-ʿUthaymīn’s Beautiful Manners in Giving Daʿwah

Dr. Saud al-ʿAjājī

A retelling of the Shaykh’s interactions with non-muslims; demonstrating the importance of remaining kind and courteous when giving daʿwah.

Dr. Saud al-ʿAjājī who was amongst those who accompanied Shaykh al-ʿUthaymīn on the last medical trip he made to Boston (a city in America) said:

“Whilst we were leaving the hotel where we were staying in, a little American boy who was with his mother stood in front of him – the Shaykh caught his attention because of his Saudi thawb and abāyah – so he began to touch him on his head and to play with him. So his mother asked him to greet the Shaykh and he returned an even better greeting.

Then the Shaykh said directing his speech to the mother ‘May Allāh guide you to Islām’ all during which he kept lowering his gaze. Then the mother told her son to bid the Shaykh farewell by saying to her son, ‘Tell him to have a nice day.’

So the Shaykh asked me what he said, I told him he said ‘Have a nice day.’ However, some of those who were accompanying him became annoyed because of the way in which the woman was dressed.

One of them even made some remarks toward her, but the Shaykh did not like this and he said, ‘O brothers this is not from the mannerisms of Islām, the mother and her son were smiling at us and they were very cordial in speech, so it is upon us to reciprocate the favour. So rather than make duʿāʾ against them, we should make duʿāʾ for her which by the way is the path of this exalted religion.’”1


[1] Al-Nūr Magazine: nos. 191.

Published: July 5, 2005
Edited: September 22, 2022


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