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Explanation of Masāʾil al-Jāhiliyyah

Shaykh Mūsá Richardson

The great book “Masāʾil al-Jāhiliyyah” [مسائل الجاهلية] (Aspects from the Days of Ignorance) by Shaykh Muḥammad ibn ʿAbd al-Wahhāb al-Tamīmī (may Allāh have Mercy on him) will be explained based on the words of our beloved Shaykh Ṣāliḥ ibn Fawzān al-Fawzān (may Allāh preserve him).

Arabic Text | 12 pages
English Text | 34 pages

Class List:

Class 01: Introduction

Class 02: Introduction Cont.

Class 03: Aspect 01 – Supplication to the Righteous

Class 04: Aspect 01 – Supplication to the Righteous Cont.

Class 05: Aspect 02 – Splitting into Groups and Sects

Class 06: Aspect 02 – Splitting into Group and Sects Cont.

Class 07: Aspect 03 – Opposing the Authority

Class 08: Aspect 04, 05 – Blind Following and its Dangers, Using the Majority as Proof

Class 09: Aspect 05, 06 – Using the Majority as Proof, Using Ancestors as Evidence

Class 10: Aspect 07 , 08 – Using Influential People as Proof, Splitting into Groups and Sects

Class 11: Aspect 09 , 10 – Following and Emulating Evil Scholars, Accusing People Upon the True Religion to Have Little Understanding

Class 12: Aspect 11, 12 – Using Evil Reasoning, Rejecting Sound and Correct Reasoning

Class 13: Aspect 13 , 14 – Extremism Regarding the Scholars and the Righteous, Negating Truth and Affirming Falsehood

Class 14: Aspects 15-17 – Claiming Lack of Understanding as an Excuse for not Following the Truth, Replacing Allāh’s Revelation with Books of Magic, Ascribing Falsehood to the Prophets

Class 15: Aspects 17-22 – Ascribing Falsehood to the Prophets, Ascribing Themselves to the Prophets Without, Slandering Righteous People Based on the Actions of Others Who Ascribe Themselves to Them, Believing That Magic Tricks were from the Miracles Allāh the Righteous and Ascribing Such to the Prophets, Worshipping by Whistling and Clapping, Taking their Religion as Amusement and a Game

Class 16: Aspects 23-27 – Being Deluded by the Life of this World, Leaving Off Following the Truth When the Weak Precede Them to It, Claiming the Truth to be Falsehood Due to the Weak Preceding Them to It, Knowingly Distorting the Book of Allāh after Understanding It, Authoring Books of Falsehood and Ascribing them to Allāh

Class 17: Aspects 28-30 – Accepting Only What is with Their Group, Not Even Acting by Their Group’s Teachings, Leaving Off Unity and Becoming Divided

Class 18: Aspects 31-32 – Hating Their Religion and Loving Their Disbelieving Enemies, Disbelieving the Truth when Found with Others they did not Like

Class 19: Aspects 33-35 – Rejecting Parts of the Religion, Claiming to be the Saved One, Worshipping by Exposing the Private Parts

Class 20: Aspects 36-38 – Performing Worship by Declaring the Lawful to be Forbidden, Performing Worship by Taking Learned Ones as Lords Besides Allāh, Denying Allāh’s Attributes

Class 21: Aspects 39-41 Denying the Names of Allāh, They Denied Allāh’s Existence, Attributing Deficiencies to Allāh and Removing Their Monks

Class 22: Aspects 42-45 Committing Shirk in Allāh’s Sovereignty, Rejecting al-Qadr (Allāh’s Devine Preordainment), Using Qadr as an Excuse For Their Disbelief and Sins, Alleging Allāh’s Legislation Contradicted His Qadr (Devine Decree)

Class 23: Aspects 46-50 Insulting Time, Ascribing the Blessings of Allāh to Other than Him, Disbelief in the Āyāt (Verses) of Allāh, Disbelief in Some of It, Claiming Allāh Did Not Reveal Anything

Class 24: Aspects 51-53 Claiming the Qurʾān was from the speech of Man, Rejecting & Denying the Ḥikmah of Allāh, Using Trickery to Repel what the Messengers Came with

Class 25: Aspects 54-59 Pretending to Agree to the Truth in Order to Repel It, Partisanship/Fanaticism for a Madh‘hab, Naming Following of Islām to be Shirk, Distorting the Original State of Allāh’s Words, Twisting the Meanings of the Words of the Qurʾān

Class 26: Aspects 60-62 Fabricating Lies Upon Allāh, Belying the Truth, Inciting Rulers Against People of Truth When Defeated by Proofs and Evidences

Class 27: Aspects 63-67 Accusing the Prophets of Causing Mischief in the Land, Accusing the Prophets of Opposing the Religion of the Rulers, Accusing the Prophets of Belittling the Religion of the Rulers, Accusing the Prophets of Belittling the “gods” of the Rulers, Accusing the Prophets of Changing the Religion, Accusing the Prophets of Belittling the Rulers

Class 28: Aspects 68-73 Claiming to Follow the Truth with Them Whilst Actually Abandoning It, Adding to Acts of Worship, Decreasing from Acts of Worship, Abandoning Obligatory Duties Out of False Piety, Performing Worship by Forsaking Good Provision and Beautification in Clothing

Class 29: Aspects 74-76 Calling the People to Misguidance without Knowledge, Calling to Disbelief upon Knowledge, Plotting Mighty Plots

Class 30: Aspects 77-79 Taking as Leaders Those Who Were Not Worthy of Being Followed, Contradiction in Claiming to Love Allāh, Relying Upon False Hopes

Class 31: Aspects 80-84 Going to Extremes Regarding Individuals, Going to Extremes Regarding the Landmarks of the Prophets, Taking Paths that Lead to Shirk, Devotion at the Graves, Seeking Closeness to Allāh by Sacrificing at the Graves

Class 32: Aspects 85-92 Preserving the Relics of Their Revered Ones, Some Characteristics of al-Jāhiliyyah (Days of Ignorance) That Remain in Some of This Ummah, Their Community Was Founded upon Transgressing Towards Others, Bragging With or Without a Right

Class 33: Aspects 93-95 Detestable and Blameworthy Fanaticism and Zealotry, Punishing the Innocent on Account of the Crime of Another, Condemning a Person Due to Faults in Another

Class 34: Aspects 96-100 Being Prideful Due to Some Good Deeds, Bragging About Being the Offspring of Some Righteous People Despite Opposing Their Way, Bragging About Their Professions Being Better Than Others’, Being Fascinated and Amazed by the Worldly Life, Making Corrections and Suggestions to Allāh

Class 35: Aspects 101-109 Having Contempt for and Looking Down on the Poor, Accusing People of Faith About Their Intentions, Disbelief in the Foundations of Īmān, Denial of Some of What the Messengers are Informed Of

Class 36: Aspects 110-113 Transgressions Towards and Assaulting Callers to the Truth, Īmān (Belief) in Falsehood, Preferring Disbelief (Kufr) over Belief (Īmān), Mixing Truth with Falsehood So That Falsehood May Be Accepted

Class 37: Aspects 114-115 Hiding the Truth While Having Knowledge of It, Speaking About Allāh without Knowledge

Class 38: Aspects 116-119 Contradiction in Statements, Believing in Parts of the Revelation Whilst Disbelieving in Others, Believing in Some Messengers Whilst Disbelieving in Others, Disputing About What One Has No Knowledge Of

Class 39: Aspects 120-128 Contradiction in claim of following the Righteous Messenger, Hindering from the Path of Allāh, Benefiting the Disbelievers, Relying upon Superstitions

Published: July 28, 2013
Edited: December 30, 2022


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