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Do I Accept a Taʿdīl (Praise) over a Jarḥ Mufassar (Detailed Criticism)?

Shaykh Abū Uways

The speaker explains with some emphatic examples, the reality of weighing a jarḥ (detailed criticism) against a taʿdīl (general praise). As was the intelligent style of our noble brother, he made crystal clear the lunacy of counterbalancing or elevating a general statement of praise for an individual above a clear warning or criticism. He asks: would you accept the ta’dīl (general praise) of a brother who wishes to marry your daughter over the jarh (detailed criticism) against him in the community? However, some wish us to accept this approach when dealing with innovators (Ḥalabī et al.). A 2 minute clip of clarity to help combat the next time you hear: “But Shaykh so and so praised him.”
Published: January 26, 2015
Edited: June 13, 2022


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