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How to Stop the Fundraisers and Donation Pleas?

Shaykh Mūsá Richardson

A discussion on fundraisers and requests for donations. The harshness of those who attack Islamic centres who seek assistance due to important needs, and the optimal situation in which open pleas for money can be avoided. Abū al-ʿAbbās provides some solutions on how community members can avoid this practise, keeping the outlets of Islām free of constant calls for financial support.

From the points discussed:

  • We have needs to ask the people to come together to service the daʿwah (masjids, schools etc.) or an obligation to assist the poor etc. They are communal obligations
  • The optimal situation is one where daʿwah is able to be made, free of the message of requests for donations
  • There are people who have gone overboard in their criticism of organisations who fundraise (due to a need)
  • It is our stinginess (as communities) that makes it inappropriate to attack Islamic centres when they raise funds (i.e. if communities handled the expenses, there should be no need to regularly call for support)
  • The harshness of attacking the Imām etc. when he calls for assistance to pay the bills etc.
  • We do not attack our brothers and sisters who try to maintain the finances of our Islamic centers. We should point the finger of blame upon ourselves for letting the situation get to that point
  • In an optimal situation, donation boxes, online support buttons etc. should not be needed – they do not improve the image of Islām
  • Do not use the weak argument that “this building is a rented building” to prevent yourself from supporting the daʿwah in your community, it may be a step upon the path to handling the responsibility of a purchased building
  • We should say “why did we allow our community to reach a point that we need to ask people to give?”
  • Look to the example of the websites of our brother Amjad Rafīq and his brothers at Salafī Publications, how many dozens of websites clarify confusion, why is it that we haven’t reached out to see if these efforts need funding? Why don’t we jump, taking the initiative to support these efforts, not because it may be needed but because you want the reward!
  • We stop the fundraisers by being proactive, putting ourselves forward to help, preserving these necessary community services: “what can I do (to help)?”
Published: March 7, 2014
Edited: April 28, 2022


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