It Is Upon You to Seek Beneficial Knowledge

Shaykh ʿUmar Quinn

Our beloved brother provides a crucial naṣīḥah concerning the necessity of seeking beneficial knowledge during a seminar titled Take Account of Yourself Before It’s Too Late (Feb. 2014).
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ʿUmar Quinn advises the Muslims to have Taqwá of and sincerity to Allāh. What follows is a thorough admonition on the benefits of seeking knowledge and the importance of working hand-in-hand with your Salafī brothers towards establishing the daʿwah.


  • Have Taqwá of Allāh
  • Have sincerity to Allāh
    • This causes the deeds of a person to remain eternally
  • Seek beneficial knowledge
    • Seek benefit from the scholars
    • Put your hands in the hands of your brothers who are following the advice of the scholars, connect with the Muslims of other communities
    • It is upon you to seek beneficial knowledge
    • To learn and teach the books of ʿaqīdah and fiqh
  • Learn the Arabic language
  • To be patient with the process of seeking knowledge and to spend from your wealth
  • Establishing the daʿwah with the help and assistance of the brothers
  • Use the dunyā to establish the dīn for the sake of the hereafter

Feb2014 takeaccount

Published: June 16, 2014
Edited: April 13, 2023


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