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Questions from Young and New Muslims

Shaykh Abū Muḥammad al-Maghribī

A special question and answer session with new Muslims.

In this beneficial sitting (TROID, 2004), Abū Muḥammad (ḥafiẓahullāh) covers many of the basic concepts related to the manners and etiquettes of a Muslim. He also delves into quite a few questions related to marriage and more specifically issues female revert sisters face when pursing marriage. This talk is a great benefit to all of us, as it contains many of the foundational principles of salafīyyah.


1. Why a salafī shouldn’t have a TV in their home

2. Question regarding the ḥadīth “Jannah is under the feet of your mothers.”

3. Is it permissible to attend the funerals of non-muslims?

4. What is your advice to a sister who wants to study the religion and not get married yet?

5. What is the ruling on a couple who were married before becoming Muslim?

6. Is it permissible for a sister to look for an apartment by herself?

7. Is it wrong or a sister to only want to marry a brother from a particular race?

8. Is it okay to have a sitting without the walī?

9. Is getting married wājib?

10. What is your advice to a sister who is afraid to get married?

11. What is you advice to someone who wants to study overseas, should they marry first?

12. Can a Muslimah have a kāfirah as her roommate?

13. Can brothers carry guns for protection?

14. Advice to a sister whose walī isn’t looking for a spouse for her.

15. Advice to a brother or sister who wants to marry but are afraid of their families.

16. What should one say or do to her kāfir family if they want her to travel overseas to them?

17. A sister wants to get married, but has no help. What should she do?

18. Are we allowed to sit stretching our legs towards the qiblāh?

19. Some don’t want to accept Islām due to the manners of the Muslims.

20. Trying to give daʿwah to my kāfirah mother.

21. When praying, is it okay if the kufī comes between the forehead and the ground?

22. If one has a wet dream, (the night before) Jumuʿah, do they have to make two ghusl?

23. Is it wājib to make ghusl on yawm al-Jumuʿah?

24.  Is it disliked to sleep after Fajr?

25. Should a person stay up all night until Fajr?

26. What should a sister do when her family is neglectful in teaching her.

27. Is it impermissible to pray tahajjud on Friday night?

Published: January 20, 2016
Edited: November 28, 2023


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