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Wearing an ʿAbāʿah That Has Sleeves as an Outer Garment Is Like Wearing a Thawb

O my brothers, the  ͑abā ͑ah was only established to conceal (the woman) and it was not established for adornment; it is not a garment of adornment. It is impermissible for it to be taken as a means of adornment, to be embroidered, to place designs/drawings upon it or to adjust it to have arms and thus become like a thawb (the gown worn by Muslim men). Al-ʿAllāmah Ṣāliḥ ibn Fawzān al-Fawzān [Q]: In recent times, an ʿabā ͑ah (A woman’s outer garment), which is being referred to as the Islamic ͑abā ͑ah, has become widespread. It is placed upon the head1 but it has sleeves from the arms to...

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