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Is it Sufficient Alone to Hope for Allāh’s Mercy and Forgiveness in the Absence of Regret, Repentance and Refraining from Sin?

Imām Ibn al-Qayyim (d. 721 AH) said: “If it is said: ‘we should [think only good thoughts of Allāh], for such is the subsequent nature of His magnanimous forgiveness, mercy, pardon, and goodness. Truly, His mercy precedes His anger. He does not derive benefit from punishing [his slaves] and forgiving them does not harm Him in the least.’ We say [in response]: This matter is [as described]. Nay, Allāh is above even this narrative. For He is more exalted, generous, full of goodness, and more merciful [than that]. However, these [attributes] must be applied to the correct context. For He,...

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