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The Fundamental Principles of the Sunnah

A statement is not beneficial except with an action, and neither is an action or statement beneficial, except with an intention, and neither is an action, statement, or intention beneficial, except with the Sunnah. Imām Abū Bakr al-Humaydī Abū Bakr al-Humaydī An Introduction to the Author He is the Ḥāfiẓ, the Imām, the Faqīh, Abū Bakr ʿAbdullāh Ibn Zubayr Ibn ’ʿĪsá al-Qurashee al-Asdee al-Ḥumaydī. He learned from many scholars, from them: Wakīʿ Ibn al-Jarrāḥ, al-Walīd Ibn Muslim, Ya’lā Ibn ’ʿUbayd, and Marwaan al-Fazaaree. He also learned much from Sufyān Ibn ʿUyaynah, to the...

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