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Kitāb al-Sunnah [The Book of Sunnah]

He is the noble Imām, Abū Dāwūd Sulaymān ibn al-Ash‘ath as-Sijistānee, he is well-known by his kunyah, Abī Dāwūd. He was born in the year 202H in Sijistān. He sought knowledge early in his life. He was a ṭālib al-ilm (student of knowledge) before the age of eighteen. Then, he began to travel and seek knowledge. In the year 220H, he went to ʿIrāq. Abū Aḥmad (the leader) asked Abī Dāwūd to move to al-Baṣrah. He took Baṣrah as a place of residence and a place of seeking knowledge. He heard from Mūsá Ibn Ismāʿīl, al-Walīd and others. He went to Kūfah in the year 221H and...

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