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Tag: Adhkār

The Specified Times for the Morning and Afternoon/Night Adhkār

Shaykh Sālih al-Fawzān (حفظه الله) was asked about the specified times that an individual is allowed to make the morning, afternoon and night adhkār. He (حفظه الله) responded with the following: The time for the morning adhkār [begins] from dawn, and the time for the afternoon/night adhkār [begins] from the diminishing of the sun, Ẓhuhr time. All of this is the time in which adhkār is done. All of them [i.e. the adhkar] performed at these times: after the diminishing [of the sun, Ẓhuhr time], after Ẓhuhr [i.e. after the Ẓhuhr ṣalāh], after ʿAṣr [i.e. after the ʿAṣr ṣalāh], after Maghrib [i.e....

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