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Questions from the Salafis of Toronto to Shaykh Rabīʿ ibn Hādī and a Clarification and Elucidation upon Adnān ʿArʿūr

The Fitnah surrounding the Adnaan ʿAr’ūr’s visit to Toronto Since this tape clearly exposed ʿArʿūr as the Shayṭān that he is (note: we call him Shayṭān since an alim has preceded us in this statement as one will hear on the tape) and incriminated the masjid as an affiliate of ḥizbiyyah (partisanship) and qutubiyyah, the spin-doctors of the masjid began to respond with lies and fabrications in order to delude the people from truth. Stated Afrāz Baksh upon the minbar, “…Where are the people who are distributing...

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