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A Brief Biography of Abū Bakr Muḥammad ibn al-Ḥusayn al-ʿĀjurrī al-Baghdādī

The Imām, the Muḥaddith, the Example…. He was a scholar enacting what he taught, trustworthy and precise, possessing dīn, the follower of the Sunnah. The Imām, the Scholar of Ḥadīth, the Example, the Shaykh of the Noble Haram, author of many beneficial works, truthful, the devout worshipper and the one who closely followed the Sunnah. He was born in Baghdād in the year 280H, later he moved to Makkah and died there in the year 360H after having lived there for some thirty years. He heard from: Abū Muslim al-Kajjī, Muḥammad ibn Yahyá al-Marwazī, Abū Shu`ayb al-Harrānī,...

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