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The Book of Īmān

Indeed have you asked me about faith, and the difference of the nation concerning it’s completion and it’s increasing and decreasing, and you mentioned that you would like to know the position of Ahl al-Sunnah with regards to this, and the proof of those that differ from them on this. So indeed, may Allāh have mercy upon you, this subject was discussed by the Salaf at the beginning of this Ummah and by those that followed them (tābiʿīn) and those who followed them till this day of ours. Abū ʿUbayd al-Qāsim ibn Sallām al-Baghdādī Biography of the Author He is Abū ʿUbayd al-Qāsim ibn Sallām al-Baghdādī,...

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Allāh’s Rising over His Throne

The Jahmiyyah are heretics, they think that He has not risen over His Throne. Below is a translation of some points from ‘Khalq Afʿāl al-ʿĪbād’ of Imām Bukhārī, pp.13+, then following this are some points from al-Lālakāʿī’s work to do with the subject of istiwá (Allāh rising over His Throne) … 6) Wahb ibn Jarīr said, ‘The Jahmiyyah are heretics, they think that He has not risen over His Throne.’ 13) Ibn al-Mubārak said, ‘We do not say as the Jahmiyyah say that Allāh is on the earth, rather He has risen over His Throne.’ 14) And it was said to...

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Where Is Allāh?

So the Messenger (ṣallallāhu ʿalayhi wa-sallam) tested her asking her, ‘where is Allāh?’ So she pointed to the heaven. Then he asked, ‘who am I?’ So she said, ‘you are the Messenger of Allāh’. So he said, ‘set her free for she is a believer.’ The ‘Bukhārī of the west’, the Imām, the ḥāfiẓ, ibn ʿAbd al Barr (d.423), the Imām of the Sunnah of his time said in his work al-Tamhīd under the commentary of the 8th ḥadīth: “From Abū Hurayrah that the Prophet (ṣallallāhu ʿalayhi wa-sallam) said, ‘Our Lord descends every night to...

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