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The Islamic Ruling on Circumcision for Males and Females

Imām Muḥammad ibn Ṣāliḥ al-ʿUthaymīn (d. 1421 AH) said: Circumcision is obligatory provided one does not fear that the procedure will cause him harm. The practice of circumcision was started by Ibrāhīm (ﷺ).1 The Procedure of Circumcision With regards to males, it is the removal of the foreskin located above the glans [penis]. As for females, it is the excess piece of flesh located above the place of [sexual] penetration. The jurists (raḥimahumullāh) say: It resembles the crest of a rooster. The Opinion of the Ḥanbalī Madh`hab The [Ḥanbalī] madh`hab holds the opinion that circumcision is obligatory...

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