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Tag: Congregation

The Ruling on Attending Congregational Prayers for Those Who Live Far from Mosques and the Ruling on Praying Behind Imams from Ahl al-Bidʿah

[Q]: [At work], we have an open space that has been provided for us that is approximately twenty to thirty kilometres away [from town]. My brother and I go there after ʿAṣr ṣalāh, and we stay there to pray Maghrib. I lead him in the ṣalāh. Sometimes, we also form a congregation with some of my muslim brothers and friends that join us. I am not able to go to the local masjid because all of the masājid that are in my locale belong to a certain group from among the people of innovation. They also consistently pray late and [if we were to join them], we would not be able to easily return to our...

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