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Q&A Panel (Life of a Young Muslim Seminar)

After a highly beneficial series of lectures, our brothers, Abū Khaījah and Abū ʿIyyāḍ entertain questions from the attendees. [Q1]: We see the Salafī daʿwah strong and united from the east to the west. There are countless Salafī centres throughout the Western lands. What do you advise those who wish to host events in centres that promote Yasir Qadhi, Bashir Shill and others who wage war against the Salafīs? [Q2]: The internet has changed rapidly in recent years. With the emergence of social media, people experience information overload. Salafīs are online and they face the same challenges....

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The Trials Faced by the Muslim Youth

Note: there are some audio issues (overheating) that caused the audio buffer to skip, qadr Allāh. Using the book, The Preservation of Life, by Ibn al-Qayyim, as a guide, Abū ʿIyāḍ takes us through the various stages of development of the human being, culminating in the most difficult stage — youth. He presents in detail the obstacles that the youth face and ends with ways and means to overcome these obstacles. Introduction:  A Man’s Life Is a Journey On this journey of life, a person acquires merchandise. The person who is awake and alert during this journey will benefit much whereas...

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Cultivating the Youth

Cultivation Begins with the Parents Abū Khadījah delivers a very stirring sermon on how to cultivate children/youth. He says that Allāh has commanded parents to cultivate their children and for children to remain steadfast upon what they have been cultivated with. The Prophet (ﷺ) said that there are seven who will be shaded on that day when there is no shade (the Day of Judgement) and from amongst them is the youth who has been raised with the worship of Allāh. Allāh has placed responsibility on the one who cultivates (parents) and the one who has been cultivated (children/youth). Cultivation...

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Focus on the Youth: How to Find the Right Path

From the most important affairs that every single Muslim should be upon is the affair of al-istiqāmah (being steadfast upon the religion). This religion is something which can easily slip away if one does not cling to the obligations, and failure to do so results in opening the door to the whispers of the Shayṭān. Since this is a focus upon the youth and their entering into adulthood, then no doubt this is from the most important affairs for them also. There should be no doubt that Allāh (subḥānahū wa taʿālá) has created us to worship Him alone, and that the Shayṭān will seek to cause us...

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Who Is a Good Companion?

It is reported that Sufyān al-Thawrī (Allāh have mercy upon him) said: There is nothing that corrupts a person or rectifies him more than [his] companions. (Ibn Baṭṭah, Al-Ibānah al-Kubraa, article 504) Points of Benefit: The believers love the righteous and seek to accompany them There are shayateen from amongst the humans and jinns who are bad companions It is too late, in the aakhirah, to rectify bad companionship Be concerned for your children and who they accompany Splitting and differing is a result of bad manners and character Good character promotes mutual love and unity Disagreements...

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Identifying the Middle Path Amidst the Multiplicity of Muslim Groups and Movements

In contemporary times, where the realities of the paths to misguidance are hidden behind Islamic names, titles, institutions, organisations and societies – our brother, Abū Iyāḍ Amjad Rafīq unmasks the methodology of Iblīs in attempting to invite and entice the believers to the many paths of misguidance whilst misguiding them from the path of guidance. Amongst the points discussed: Recognising the call of Iblīs and the signs of his enmity. Is Iblīs inviting to sin? Or is he inviting to deviation from the path of Allāh? Which of the two is more beloved to him? A brief look into the Uṣūl (foundations)...

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