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ʿAqīdah Course: The Hāʾiyyah Poem of Ibn Abū Dāwūd (d. 316 AH)

Poetry Text (1) Hold tightly to the rope of Allāh and the guidance, And do not be an innovator, so that you might be successful. (2) And practice your religion based on the Book of Allāh and the Sunan which have come from the Messenger of Allāh so you will be saved and earn reward. (3) And say: Not a created thing is the Speech of our great King, Such was the religious position of the pious ones (before us) which they clearly expressed. (4) And do not be a person who takes no position on the Qurʾān, As did the followers of Jahm, and they had been too lax (to take the right position). (5) And...

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