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A Clarification of Doubts Regarding Waḥdah al-Wujūd

For verily the affirmation of a thing in an abstract sense from all of the Attributes means one cannot picture it existing outside of that. And the mind will only be left thinking that it does not exist, and that is the most extreme form of taʿtīl (denial). Al-ʿAllāmah Ibn Abū al-ʿIzz al-Ḥanafī Al-ʿAllāmah Ibn Abū al-ʿIzz al-Ḥanafī said:1 “So verily the deniers of Allāh’s Attributes enter the denial of the Attributes [into] the naming of Tawḥīd, such as Jahm Ibn Ṣafwān2 and his followers. For verily they say, “Affirming the Attributes necessitates that Al Wājib3 is numerous.”...

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