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Tag: Ibn al-ʿAmmād al-Hanbalī

The Illustrious Death of Saʿīd ibn Jubayr

Al-Ḥajjāj ibn Yūsuf sent for Saʿīd ibn Jubayr. His messenger met him in Makkah. From there, they travelled together for the span of three days. The messenger observed him fasting the days and standing the nights in prayer. The messenger said to him: “By Allāh! Indeed, I know that I am taking you to the one who will execute you. So flee, taking whichever route you please.” Saʿīd replied to him saying: “It shall reach Ḥajjāj that you had captured me. If you were to allow me to flee, I fear that he will kill you. So take me to him.” So the messenger proceeded with him. When they entered upon Ḥajjāj,...

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