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What Should the Imām Do If He Loses His Wuḍūʿ?

[Q]: One day, I led the congregational ṣalāh. Whilst praying, I remembered that I was not in a state of purity. I did not know what to do at the time. So, confused and embarrassed, I continued leading them in prayer. Afterwards, I repeated my ṣalāh but I never informed them of my actual state as I was too embarrassed. What is the ruling on my actions—may Allāh reward you? [A]: The prayer of those in the congregation is valid as they were ignorant of your actual state. If the people pray behind a person who remembers that he is in a state of impurity, but he completes his ṣalāh with them, their...

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The Ruling on the Imām Stretching and Differentiating the Enunciation of the Different Takbīrs During Ṣalāh

[Q]: How should one enunciate the takbīr during ṣalāh? [A]: The scholars have said: It is disliked for one to stretch or draw it out. Even when saying the takbīr while rising from sujūd, or when descending to it from the standing position despite both movements being relatively prolonged. They say: This is because the extension of this statement in ṣalāh was never narrated in the Sunnah. It should, therefore, be considered disliked. This is the position adopted by the scholars (رحمهم الله). However, it is most apparent that there is flexibility in this matter. The takbīr may be extended somewhat...

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