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Coping with Price Inflation Benefits

Allāh Provides in All Circumstances Abū Nuʿaym reported: It was said to Imām Abī Ḥāzim Salamah ibn Dīnār (رحمه الله): “O Aba Ḥāzim, have you not seen prices inflating?” He responded: “Why does this trouble you?! The One who provides for us when prices are low is the said One who provides for us when prices are high.” Source: Al-Ḥilyah, vol. 3, pg. 239. Translated by: Musa Shaleem Mohammed أتى الناس إلى الإمام أبي حازم سلمة بن دينار، فقالوا له : يا أبا حازم: أما ترى قد غلا السعر! فقال: وما يغمكم من ذلك؟ إن الذي يرزقنا في الرخص هو الذي يرزقنا في الغلاء رواه أبو نعيم في الحلية، وابن عساكر...

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Coping with Price Inflation and the Rising Cost of Living: An Islamic Perspective

Breakdown: 1:16 – Intro 2:37 – Ḥadīth of Anas b. Mālik about Rising Prices 5:36 – Sinning Is a Cause 8:40 – Allāh Is the One Who Provides 9:35 – Ḥadīth of Abū Hurayrah 13:00 – Summary Points of Benefit: 13:01 – Firstly, Allāh is the Sustainer and Provider 13:15 – Secondly, Allāh Inflates or Deflates Prices 13:25 – Thirdly, Making Supplication (for Relief) 13:33 – Forthly, Provision is Already Decreed: Ḥadīh of Ibn Masʿūd 14:28 – Fifthly, Allāh Is Not in Need 16:55 – Sixthly, Tawakkul (Reliance on Allāh) When Seeking Provision 17:50...

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