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Establishing an Islamic Home

Abū Khadījah delivers a series of eye-opening lectures on how to establish an Islamic home, reminding us of Allāh’s command to save ourselves and our families from the Hellfire. Each lecture is brimming with practical advice on how to ensure that our children grow up with a solid foundation of knowing and practicing this blessed dīn. Part One Start at the Beginning The first and most important step in establishing an Islamic home is choosing a righteous spouse. Choose a spouse who is strong in his/her dīn, one who is united with you upon Salafiyyah. Next, teach your children good manners....

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Establishing an Islamic Household

Without the Tawḥīd of Allāh subḥānahu wa ta’āla there is no Islamic home Safeguarding ourselves and our families from the greatest oppression (shirk) Balancing al-Barā’ with calling the disbelievers to Allāh subhānahu wa ta’āla Ittibaa’ of the Messenger Muḥammad, (ﷺ) The importance of attributing ourselves to the Salaf and following their way Being keen in making the Messenger Muḥammad, (ﷺ), a judge in all of our affairs, without resistance, and submitting with complete submissionThe talk concludes with the famous ḥadīth of the Messenger Muḥammad, (ﷺ), upon the authority of the Companion...

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