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A Profound Word Concerning the Types and General Rules of Boycotting

Shaykh al-Islām Ibn Taymiyyah (d.728H) – raḥimahullaah – was asked,1 “Who is it obligatory to hate, or to boycott, or are both of these actions done for Allāh the Exalted? And what is stipulated from conditions upon the one who is hating or boycotting for the sake of Allāh the Exalted? And does the abandonment of greetings (salaam) enter into the boycotting, or not? And if the one being boycotted greets the boycotter, is it obligatory upon him to respond? And does the hatred and boycotting for the sake of Allāh the Exalted continue until it is determined that the attribute due to which he is...

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Highlighting Some Errors Committed during the Blessed Month of Ramaḍān and on ʿĪd Day

In 1437 (2016 CE) and 1438 (2017 CE), we presented an extensive Ramaḍān series entitled A Clarification of Some Common Doubts and Misconceptions Affiliated with the Month of Ramaḍān. Following on from this series, in 1439 (2018 CE), 1440 (2019 CE) and 1443 (2022 CE), we present the following  errors surrounding Ramaḍan and the day of ʿĪd. As for the errors that some fasting people or Muslims commit during the month of Ramaḍān, then they are numerous.19 Al-ʿAllāmah Ṣāliḥ al-Fawzān The Errors:  Relying on Astronomical Calculations to Determine the Beginning of the Month Fasting without...

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A Clarification of Some Common Doubts and Misconceptions Affiliated with the Month of Ramaḍān

Consequently, when some doubts and misconceptions affiliated with the month of Ramaḍān became widespread, I saw it fit to clarify some of them so that people will not be deluded by them, for how many a time have you heard the expression: Whoever dies during Ramaḍān will enter paradise without any reckoning, or that they will not be punished in the grave? Or the expression: The beginning of Ramaḍān is reserved for Allāh’s mercy, its middle for His forgiveness, and its end for redemption from the Fire? Musa Shaleem Mohammed A Clarification of Some Common Doubts and Misconceptions Affiliated...

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Being Patient upon the Truth

TROID · Being Patient Upon the Truth – Khālid al-Ẓufayrī The noble shaykh, Khālid al-Ẓufayrī, advises the community in Toronto (TROID) and those listening online to remain firm upon the Sunnah of the Messenger (sallallāahu ʿalayhi wa-sallam) with ṣabr (patience). That holding on to this dīn takes steadfastness and effort. How many a time have we seen a person in a state of strength, for some time, some years, then he falls back? The shaykh emphasises the importance of sticking to the jamāʿah, the importance of righteous companionship. “Be patient upon the Sunnah till you meet your...

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