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Don’t Sway When You Pray

In some parts of the Muslim World, students in madaaris (schools) often learn to sway back and forth while reciting the Book of Allāh. This is taught to them by their teachers and classmates as a way to “help their memorization.” In some cases, people have transferred this action to other parts of their worship, like ṣalāh. Where did this action originate from? Did the Prophet ṣallallāhu ʿalayhi was salām or his companions sway and move like this in their worship? Is it from the Religion of Allāh? Mūsá Richardson discusses this issue.  

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Is Wiping One’s Face after Duʿāʾ an Innovation?

Some explanation mentioned from Imām Ibn Bāz and others concerning the acceptable narrations concerning wiping one’s hands over one’s face after making duʿāʾ. [Excerpted from the lecture, ‘7 Condition of Lā Illāha Ill-Allāh’ by Mūsá Richardson (Summer ‘07)]

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