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The Obligatory Conditions for an Islamic Ḥijāb

The hijāb itself must not be a display. Allāh ordained it so as to cover the beauty of women and not for showing off. 1. Covering All of the Body It is an agreed position by many respected scholars that the face and hands of the woman must be covered. Some scholars say it is permissible to uncover the face and the hands of the woman as long as there is no fitna (infatuation) caused by this action. Two things must be taken into consideration a) if she is beautiful and beautifies her face and hands with external substances, or b) the society around her is corrupt, where men do not lower their...

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The Reality of Ḥijāb: The Muslim Woman’s Dress

Ever since the appearance of ḥijāb in the West, there has been a constant crusade against this noble act. Amidst the hustle and bustle of a teeming metropolis, a solitary figure traverses. She moves steadily in her black garment which shields her against the tyranny of this life. Whilst others around her rush frantically, she moves with tranquillity and ease. The peace which she achieves beneath this veil of hers is immense. It is liberation beyond measure. Is this a princess of royal blood? No. Is she a head of state? No. So who is this woman of serenity? This is a woman of ḥijāb. A woman...

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