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Does Fasting in Ramaḍān Become Obligatory During the Day If a Legislated Exemption Ends? (i.e. Travel, Illness, Menses, Postpartum Period)

Imām Muḥammad ibn Ṣāliḥ al-ʿUthaymīn [d. 1421 AH] said: The example of the person of which fasting becomes obligatory in the middle of the day—such that this person is subjected to either fasting [immediately] or on another day—[includes]: the woman whose menses cease, a woman whose postpartum period finishes, and a traveller who returns home [during the day] whilst not in a fasting state. These are three issues to which we will add a fourth: a sick person who makes a recovery.   We collectively liken this to the issue of removing that which prevents the fast during the day [of obligatory...

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