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On the Placing of Hands in Prayer during Qiyām

To place them on the chest is what is proven in the Sunnah, and all that is contrary to it is either ḍaʿīf or totally baseless. Below is a translation from ‘Tuhfatul Aḥwadhī bi sharḥ Jāmiʿ al-Tirmidhī’ by al-Mubārakfūrī, on the issue of where to place one’s hands in prayer, (vol. 2, pp. 74+) [Start of Quote from al-Tirmidhī] “Chapter: what occurs with regards to placing the right hand upon the left in prayer ‘….and some of them were of the opinion that you place them above the navel, and some below the navel. And all of this was flexible according to them.’ [End of quote...

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