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The Verdict upon Those Who Do Not Rule By What Allāh Revealed

Rather, it is sin, and indeed it is disbelief less than disbelief (kufr dūna kufr), and oppression less than oppression (ẓulm dūna ẓulm), and disobedience less than disobedience (fisq dūna fisq). The Permanent Committee for Islamic Research and Fatāwá Question When is takfīr (declaring a Muslim to be a disbeliever) permissible, and when is it not permissible? What type of takfīr is mentioned in the Statement of Allāh: “And whoever does not rule by what Allāh revealed, then these are the disbelievers.” [Sūrah al-Maʾidah 5:44] Answer: The Praise is due to...

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