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The Censure of Taʾwīl

The madh′hab (way) of the Salaf (Pious Predecessors) with regards to the Ṣifāt (Attributes of Allāh) is to affirm them as they are ʿalá dhāhir (with their apparent meaning), negating any tashbīḥ (resemblance) to them, nor takyīf (asking how they are). Some Statemenets from the Salaf Concerning the Attributes of Allāh and their Consensus Concerning the Falsehood of Taʿweel [1]: Imām al-Awzāʿī (d.157H) – raḥimahullāh- said: ‘‘I asked az-Zuhree and Makhool about the āyāt pertaining to the Sifaat (Attributes of Allāh), so they said: Leave them as they are.’’ 1 [2]: al-Walīd Ibn Muslim...

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